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Planting takes time and dedication
Learn how you can do it too.

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Who We Are & What We Do

Introduction to MENNGOS programme activities in the Western and the Eastern Cape

The name of the Not for Profit is Micro Enterprise Network Needed for Growth of Sustainability (MENNGOS) NPC

We are a Not for Profit company,whose overall goal is to stimulate economic opportunity in organic food production and as an organisation to engage in trading activities that will bring about sustainability for the organisation and it’s programme!

Key Features

Engaging in partnering communities who have a specific need to grow their own vegetables,herbs and fruit ie. HIV programmes, Daycare Centres, Senior Clubs.

Promoting the growing of vegetables gardens to enhance health and wellness.

Methodology is permaculture growing,making your compost to conserve waste of any bio-degradable item,using NO pesticides under  any circumstances,saving seeds for re-planting.


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(Use of small pieces of material to make bunting for outdoor & indoor decorations cost effectively- this was used for wedding decorations)

Finding solutions that are organic through research and consultation with our peers in South Africa

Encouraging recycling and up-cycling on every level to promote tenets of the green revolution to waste less and to use bio degradable cleaning products and organic local ingredients. We use and promote the use of recycled wood to make rabbit hutches,chicken runs and other useful items for the home or plants. These all can become small businesses

Promoting conservation of natural spaces under threat!

To always encourage people and communities to start small and to contribute to meaningful ways of building a green life. To adapt and change until they find their niche which is comfortable in making the transition.

Starting your own compost heap is one way towards building a greener life and minimizing the use of plastic to reduce our over-extended landfills and it impacts on reducing your carbon footprint is another example where you can be the change!

Encouraging the support of small markets locally that sell organic produce,hand-crafted goods and clothes, arts and crafts and who make slow foods that are part of our culture and traditions that we are losing.

We only work in small clusters to maximise limited financial resources and support to projects to ensure sustainability.

MENNGOS follows the slow food philosophy started by Carlo Petrini in Italy and are members of Slow Food International and locally Slow Food Cape Town.

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We are a collective of people who share a committed goal through key objectives. We work independently and inter-dependently towards the over-arching goal of MENNGOS. None of the projects that we support do we take a line management role but play a strategic role towards contributing to the projects success, through the  provision of appropriate  resources.


  • to facilitate and promote the training and capacity building of the micro,emerging and small enterprise sectors
  • to consistently engage in attracting financial & proffessional resources to provide continuity for our programmes
  • to network with other communities and organisations who are involved with greening South Africa and internationally
  • to facilitate access to technical skills development for organisations and groups involved in our specific organic food programme
  • are not to overcommit ourselves that we cannot commit necessary resources to our projects
  • to advocate and lobby when appropriate for access to land to grow and access to water which are necessary conditions to grow food
  • to advocate and lobby on behalf of individuals working with MENNGOS to gain resources that will stimulate business activity
  • to raise awareness on organic food production and its benefits to people and communities
  • to stimulate local economic activity  and wellness, through markets, music and the  growing of vegetables and the health and wellness sectors
  • to stimulate active economic activity through access to space and networking opportunities with stakeholders and role-players supporting small business activities
  • to avoid the long -term support of any individual and community in need,instead to empower them in developing self-sufficiency


  1.  To stimulate economic opportunity through all of the above and to increase entrepreneurship
  2.  To engage with trading activities that will bring about sustainability for the organisation and its programme

Garden Competition in the Cofimvaba District in the Eastern Cape September 2013 – 10 plot gardeners won 10 water tanks in the garden competition MENNGOS hosted.