Stellenbosch Small Organic Farmer cluster

Stellenbosch Small Organic Farmer cluster

Stellenbosch Small Organic Farmer cluster which we assist! You can make a difference by contributing to agricultural consumables that they need. We supply 20 cubes of organic manure every 4 months

In November /December for the Summer season to grow their crops, end of May for the  Autumn/Winter season and end of August for the Spring crops. In particular we support the only woman farmer in the cluster and her need is for a 3 roomed Wendy house to accommodate a relevant person to look after the fields as they are very unprotected and she experiences losses of produce.

We also supply seeds and seedlings when the need exists which is ongoing and they need it in huge volumes for their subsistence farming. Water is a scarce commodity as each farmer who has fields on this specific cluster has access to water at a specific period of approximately 2 hours per day. Christine, in the heat of summer, only had access to water at about 11am in the morning. Not the best time in terms of preservation of water as the water evaporates when crops are watered in the heat of the day.

Pictured here is a field of one of the small farmers. In the background are crops grown by commercial farmers who have the bulk access to water and necessary agricultural consumables!